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How Do You Choose the
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We understand that selecting the right lake aeration or reservoir aeration specialist to help manage or rehabilitate your water resource isn't an easy decision.
Here are five factors to consider when making your choice:

After more than two decades in water restoration and management, we have developed a full range of environmental programs for improving the water quality of lakes, reservoirs, watercourses, ponds, estuaries and navigable waterways. We provide water quality solutions, not just for drinking, but also for the purposes of recreation and fisheries. Perhaps most significantly, when you choose to work with General Environmental Systems, you're not talking to a sales rep -- you're working with an experienced water resource management professional who has hands-on experience and knowledge to develop the best solution for your resource.

Just as every water body is different, so are the goals of the people who manage them. There isn't a universal aeration solution that can be successfully applied to each situation. Unlike other companies that have more limited capabilities, General Environmental Systems isn't biased toward a specific technology. Our recommendation for your water resource will be for its specific purpose, use and desired outcome.  In other words, it will be completely customized to meet your specific needs.


Environmental Impact
Thankfully, the days of treating an unhealthy lake with large amounts of chemicals are on their way out. In addition to the many negative side effects of chemical "remedies" within the water body itself, consumer awareness and concern with the additives contained in what they eat, drink and swim in are expected to escalate in the coming years. Saavy water resource utilities are making changes now that will save them future headaches and increased costs.

It's no secret that in many areas of life, eliminating the problem is much less expensive than treating the symptoms. Surprisingly, many municipalities and other resource managers have been slow to apply this principle to their water resources. But with the high cost of chemical treatment, frequent process adjustments, treatment plant upsets and customer relations, it is easy to prove the benefits of an effective aeration system on its cost benefit merits alone!

Our goal is to start at the source to improve the long-term quality of the entire water body, without creating secondary negative reponses that are common with other treatments. The case studies we've shared here are only a few examples of the ongoing success we've been able to bring our clients. With solutions tailored to diverse symptoms and engineered for desired results, we are indeed the water resource restoration and management specialists.
We look forward to helping you achieve the results you need.


What makes our Diffused Aeration systems better than others on the market?

Leo Wentzel, GC- President


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